Friday, March 28, 2014

Great chat with Yunji Chen at ASPLOS

It was the break before the last session, I grabbed my suitcase and was heading to the last session. Then I saw Yunji Chen, who also did his undergraduate at USTC. Since he was on one of the best papers, I approached him and said "hi and congrats" to him. The chat lasted way longer than I expected, and I learnt way more than I expected.

He views doing research just like playing video games. It was not until Yunji got his Ph.D. then he realized that he probably should spend less time on video games and more on research. He dares to dream big, and the ASPLOS awarded paper stems from the dream of building real intelligence. He is lighten up on research, and he is also helping his students, many of them also played lots of video games as undergraduate, be lighten up.

After one and half hours, I had to interrupt to checkout and we wrapped up. The good thing is that I have already been lighten up by then, and begin to dream about having my papers in ASPLOS 2018 which hopefully will go ShanYa as proposed by Yunji.

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